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4 winter skincare tips for dry skin

4 winter skincare tips for dry skin

Quarantine or not, our skin must remain popping

- 40 Celcius weather, dark at 5pm, frozen lakes and 20 CM of snow; yes I just described Canadian winter.

Now I don't know about you but I can’t tolerate the cold weather, heaps of snow and an earlier bedtime.What? I refuse, yes refuse to tolerate dry skin! This week, we’ve decided to help our fellow winter lovers (or not) on how to keep your skin moisturized and glowing even in this gloomy cold weather by suggesting some of our favorite products and tips.

Let’s start by answering the most common question; “What causes dry skin”? There are many factors that contribute to dry skin, from genetics, diet and weather. In simple terms dry air = dry skin. During the harsh winters, the air is usually dry and due to this dryness the upper layers of the skin tend to lose moisture (some more than others). Now I wish we could snap the cold bitter weather away but unfortunately we can’t. So, what can we do to aid our dry skin? 

Here are some tips:

  • Double cleanse with your favourite cleanser!
  • Yes! You read that right double cleanse. Due to lack of moisture, our skin tends to be more fragile, so it is important to double cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Start with an oil based cleanser and finish with a water based cleaners. This will ensure that your skin is properly cleansed, removing makeup or a long day's sweat while restoring PH. 

    We recommend the following;

    CoconyleSkin " Suds-day Best" Gentle Cleanser - This cleanser is not only great for dry skin, but it can be used for normal and combo skin. This beauty has cucumber extract, grapefruit and chamomile. In addition, to being oh so gentle with your skin, it is packed with natural desquamation properties, which means it helps aid in the skin's natural shedding process, soothes the skin and has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties! ($25 CAD) 

    Secondly one of our favorite cleansers is Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Makeup Removing Face Wash - it not only helps restore the PH balance of your skin, but it is also a gentle cleanser. This product contains amino acid-rich soy proteins, Sunflower and borage seed oils , Aloe vera and more.  It aids in soothing the skin and maintaining skin elasticity, suppleness while moisturizing the skin without clogging your pores. ($49 CAD - standard size)  


  • Toner Time!
  • The common misconception about toners is that they’re drying… NOPE lies. Toners actually help shrink your pores! It is important to find a toner that helps hydrate the skin while removing excess oils that may clog your pores. Finding a toner that contains one or more of these ingredients is a win; glycerin, lavender extract and Witch Hazel extract— these ingredients hydrate and tighten the pores. 

    Here are our favs:

    Rose & Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Toner by Fresh

    This Rose water toner is alcohol-free, it is packed with real rose petals high antioxidants, it aids with minimizing pore. This toner is great for dry, uneven texture and dull skin. It leaves your skin feeling like a million bucks while nourishing and looking plump! Did we mention that it smells amazing? Win win win  ($59 CAD) 

    "In The Mist Of It" Repairing Toner by CocoNyleSkin

    This toner is packed with Rose Hydrosol, aloe leaf juice and much more. This toner is gentle on the skin while eliminating dead skin and balanced sebum production (a fancy way of saying it the oil your skin produces). Did you know that it can also be used as a facial toner to set your makeup. Two for the price of one?! Now that’s a real steal. ($15 CAD) 

  • Lock in that Moisture!
  • It is important to keep that skin moisturized especially during the winter. Using a thicker moisturizer is best; not only does it feel good it also fills your pores with moisturizing ingredients that can leave your skin feeling soft for hours on end. It is also best to moisturize your skin damp, not dry; lock in all that moisture.

    here’ s our fav!

    HIGH-POTENCY NIGHT-A-MINS™ Oil-Free Resurfacing Cream With Fruit-Derived AHAs by Origins 

    This product is packed with great loads of vitamins, fruits extracts and essential oils. (a true match made in Heaven) This overnight moisturizer helps your skin while you sleep (talk about multitasking) it’s formula helps with dull, uneven and dry skin! It is also a winner with normal and oil skin,  it leaves your skin feeling moisturized, refreshed and ready for a jam-packed day! ($60 CAD)

    Grab a cup of tea and relax!

    Grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee (we recommend chai tea) sit in front of your window and enjoy the snow and bitter weather… from the inside. 

    Remember that healthy skin is a journey that requires patience, trial and error. Don’ t beat yourself over not having perfect skin in one season. Take time to learn about your skin type and texture and work your way to healthy glowing skin because 

    Imperfect skin is still beautiful,


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