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How to prevent Maskacne

How to prevent Maskacne

The year 2020 has drastically changed our lives! We went from catching flights, slaying on the go, girls night out or in to closed airports, working from home, six-feet social distancing and wearing face masks. If you wear face masks on a regular basis you may have noticed some changes on your face, Maskne. 

What is Maskne?

Maskne - also known as acne mechanica - is a breakout caused by face masks or shields. These breakouts usually happen around your cheeks, chin, mouth and nose. These facial irritations are not like your typical acne breakouts; these are caused by sweat, bacteria and sebum (skin oil) trapped under the mask. 

How can I prevent Maskne?

Here are some things you can do to prevent maskne!

1.Double Wash

Yes, double washing your face with a gentle oil based cleanser and a water based cleanser. We also recommend that you wash your face before you wear a mask; Doing this on a regular basis helps your skin stay nice and clean while you’re on the go before washing off any extra sebum from the mask. Not sure what cleanser to purchase? Try our "All Things Dew" Black Soap Cleanser ( Combo/ Oily/ Acne Skin) or our " Suds-day Best" Gentle Cleanser ( Normal/ Dry and Combo).

2.Washing your masks 1-2x a week.

Wearing a mask that matches your outfit is the new 2020 flex so imagine wearing the same full outfit 7 days a week without a good wash? Exactly, not a good look. We suggest that you wash your mask at least 1-2 times a week minimum that is if you’re wearing the reusable masks. If you like to stick to the one time use mask, that’s fine. Just be more intentional about wearing a new one daily and if you’re like me that forgets their mask at home; try leaving one or two in your car in a ziploc bag. Nice and most importantly clean.

3.Change your makeup routine

Not wearing any makeup if you know you’ll be wearing the mask all day may be best for your skin. This prevents extra build-up of dirt from makeup touching your mask. If you cannot resist; try wearing a light foundation or skipping the area covered by the mask. 

4. Face detox mask

We recommend a deep cleansing mask like a clay mask; one clay mask treatment a week is enough to help you cleanse the spots you might have missed during the week. A clay mask helps reduce excess oil and impurities. It can be used by all skin types. A simple mixture of water or vinegar (not recommended for sensitive skin) and clay powder can do wonders for your skin and self care! 

5.Build your immune system

 It is important to have a balanced immune system especially during times like this. We recommend a balanced diet and multivitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin C and more. Don’t forget to relax and try and connect with people that bring joy into your life while socially distancing of course. 

Stay safe and remember imperfect skin is still beautiful.

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